At Zeal it is our goal to be an equal opportunity employer and we firmly believe that pay equality begins with established and data-proven methodologies that help inform our current and prospective employees on how Zeal thinks about compensation.

All employees are given a base compensation as well as an equity package.

How does Zeal calculate compensation?

We use a few different matrices when calculating compensation. Take a look below!

✨ First

We look at the Level we are looking to hire.

At Zeal, we have 11 Levels that have both IC and Manager tracks.

These Levels are the basis for how we determine the compensation range

Levels Explanation at Zeal

✨  Second

We look at 3 different compensation data sources (Option Impact, Glassdoor, and and make sure that the compensation range from all 3 is more or less in the same average compensation range and we use these to formulate our competitive compensation ranges.

*We also know that sometimes data is a little stale and therefore we also take into consideration what current market demands are and calibrate accordingly.

For equity, we utilize Option Impact to be within a competitive range based on our stage of funding (series A).

✨ Third

We look at overall interview scores, years of experience, location, and special skills that an individual will bring to the table to align on a fair compensation number.

*Please note, we do use a baseline location calculator to make sure that all our employees are getting a fair wage but always create our compensation bands with San Francisco salaries in mind.

Location Salary Calculator at Zeal

*Example - $100,000(SF base salary)95% = $95,000 OH base salary

How often do the compensation bands get reviewed and edited?

Once per year, at the beginning of Q1.